American Herbalist’s Guild Symposium

Silverton, OR

October 5th – 9th

It is common for people to rely on herbs throughout all stages and phases of uterine health. In fact, this is the way that many people first relate to herbs: to rid themselves of a yeast infection, to deal with horrible cramps, to support a healthy pregnancy, or in hopes of the oft-discussed herbal abortion. But one phase that I rarely see folks prepare for is what herbs they will utilize post-abortion, whether elective or spontaneous (commonly called a miscarriage). This is unfortunate as this is a time when preparing your body ahead of time (if elective) and taking care of yourself afterwards (whether spontaneous or elective) can make a huge difference in long term “reproductive” health. In this class, we will cover protocols and herbs to rebuild and heal affected tissue, support hormonal balance, and address any emotional needs that arise.

More info on the Symposium can be found here.