Dandelion Seed Conference

Olympia, WA

October 13th – 15th

Systems of medicine reflect the values and biases of the societies that create them. The American medical system is no different and in fact exposes the starkest injustices of the overarching socio-economic system. However, just as there is always a counter movement of resistance and mutual aid within any oppressive regime, herbal traditions counter the dominant system of wealth-based health care.

Unfortunately, as plant based medicine becomes market commodity, the people’s medicine is at risk of becoming inaccessible to most. How do we avoid replicating the injustices of the dominant health care system?

In this class we will discuss the troubling, violent foundation of conventional medicine in this country as well as the ways contemporary injustice in health care reflects and reinforces this history. We see the radical potential of herbalism to address this legacy. We will explore the growing movement within the herbal community to access this potential and discuss strategies for creating more just models of care.

More info on the Dandelion Seed Conference can be found here.