The Herb Shoppe

Portland, OR

October 3rd, 7 – 9 pm

Join us to discuss ways to care for those areas where the sun don’t shine! As herbalists, we realize that it is not always enough to simply use herbs internally and that they really work best when they directly contact affected tissues as much and for as long as possible. For this reason, we need to be well-versed in many different preparations, including caring for the genitals.

In this class, we will explore pelvic steams, sitz baths, suppositories, and salves for our genitals, including how to use each one and why we would choose one application over another. We will cover recipes for each of these preparations and discuss why you would choose different herbs for different situations. Common infections and imbalances of the genito-urinary system will be addressed, including pelvic stagnation, herpes, hemorrhoids, yeast, and bacterial vaginosis. We will cover preparations for all genitalia, yet due to the large amount of vaginal infections, this class will slightly more vulva-centered.

Participants should leave this class with practical strategies for topical genital care so that they feel empowered to take on their own or their client’s healthcare needs. Let’s discuss ways to give attention to all of those oft-shamed parts of us that are forced to be covered most of the time or only expected to be paid attention to when we make them sexy and appealing for others!