Soothing the Hungry Ghost Within

Herbal Tools for Working with Addiction

Portland, OR

September 30th 10 – 2 pm

As the opioid epidemic reaches massive proportions and overdose rates soar, many of us struggle with a lack of tools to support our clients, community, and loved ones. Join Jen Stovall & Lydia Bartholow as they share the tools that they have gathered in their work with addiction over the years. In this class, we will discuss how to conceptualize addiction, the neurobiology behind it, herbs that can support folks who struggle with addiction, and the use of ear beads as support for folks who choose to quit. We will also cover overdose prevention and response, including the use of Narcan and the issues with the current rise of Fentanyl. This will be a conversational class between Lydia & Jen, where they combine their separate classes on the subject to share years of experience working with this subject.

This class is sliding scale $25 to $60 with the true cost of this class being $45.
Wondering where you might fit along this scale? Read below for more thoughts.
25% of all proceeds from the class will go to supporting Brown Girl Rise.

More info can be found here.