Maypop Community Herb Shop

Maypop Community Herb Shop is a small,community-oriented herb shop  specializing in high-quality medicinal herbs, culinary spices, and teas. We also carry soaps, salves, oils, lotions, incenses, and essential oils. Our shop is a labor of love, and it exists both because we believe in supporting the accessibility of herbal medicine in New Orleans, and because of the deep and abiding support of our amazing community!

Maypop Community Herb Shop strives to help empower our community to support their own health and wellness. In addition to carrying the highest quality medicinal herbs, we are committed to providing a space for people to learn about herbs, health, and wellness. We believe that herbal medicine is and always has been the medicine of the people, and that people should have access to this knowledge. We maintain a library of some of our favorite herb books so that folks can relax and research in our sunny front window. We are collectively run by two experienced herbalists who are glad to answer any questions about health, herbs, and our products. When our customers need more time and attention, we also offer full health consultations.

We place a high priority on locally and regionally grown and wildcrafted herbs. Many of our herbs are wild harvested by us and fellow herbalists. All of our herbs are organically farmed or ethically wild harvested, and whenever possible they originate within the Southeastern US.  We look forward to expanding our locally grown plants, supporting our local farmers and gardeners and continuing to use many plants grown within our bioregion.

You can find more info about the shop here.